We've uploaded some new mood boards with our art offerings on Etsy.  The theme based story boards explore bedroom ideas for football, the ever popular superhero and the classic transportation look.
Transportation Train Boys Room Ideas Mood Board featuring Art by Aaron Christensen www.EmbellishmentsKids.com
Transportation Train Boys Room Ideas Mood Board featuring Art by Aaron Christensen www.EmbellishmentsKids.com
Superhero Room ideas Mood Board featuring Art by Aaron Christensen www.EmbellishmentsKids.com
Superhero Room ideas Mood Board featuring Art by Aaron Christensen www.EmbellishmentsKids.com
Teen Sports Theme Mood Board featuring Art by Aaron Christensen www.EmbellishmentsKids.com
Teen Sports Theme Mood Board featuring Art by Aaron Christensen www.EmbellishmentsKids.com
I think it's an idea who's time has come.  Let's celebrate and elevate the children that are working hard in school, choose to be great students and have plans for growing their minds.  A trend is erupting in the kid's biz, it focuses on all things Nerd and Geek and that's a good thing.  The terms Nerd and Geek are being embraced as a positive.  I'm seeing the Geek Chic decor go beyond just wall maps and a few vintage biology posters to full blown Geek nirvana!  I recently launched my science and genius based youth wall art to celebrate and explore this trend.  The canvas reproductions of my originals are available, for sale, on my site and are launching nationwide through my network of retailers.  Here's a glimpse of some genius based room ideas.  These and many more are available for viewing on my Inspiration page on through my Pinterest page.

Over on the Embellishments Kids blog I've posted 15 mood boards to inspire and provide ideas for decorating boy's rooms and nurseries.
Look up in the sky, it's a.....bunch of new wall art for kids.  My latest canvas kids are collection features hot air balloons, kites and paper airplanes.  The grouping "Up and Away" is loaded with fun contemporary colors, terrific patterns and coordinates with a vast array of popular bedding for nurseries and boy's rooms.  They are available for sale in my online shop or through my network of retailers nationwide.  CHECK THEM OUT.

If you are looking for a fresh design idea for your nursery or boy's room, here's a mood board to get you in the Up and Away spirit!  It features a crib from Young America by Stanley in an amazing muted hue.   With it's cloud mobiles, reclaimed wood mirror, trestle rocker and sophisticated chevron bedding, the nursery is contemporary and modern.
Batman is one of the most popular licensed characters in the US.  Sale of Batman merchandise account for millions of dollars each year.  With that popularity, it is a highly requested theme for boy's rooms and kid's interior design.  While I have a love of all things Superhero, I try to create a unique experience in the kids rooms I create.    Here is a mood board illustrating the idea that a little Batman merchandise can go a long way.  Set the mood with other decor and just add sheets and a few licensed pieces.  You can purchase this art and other pieces from my superhero collection here.  Other mood boards can be found over on my Pinterest page.
Let's hear it for the smart boys!    It's time that your lil' genius, science wiz, math man or tech toddler gets his day!  I've been playing part in supporting the trend of Geek Chic.  You'll love my new wall decor debuting, this winter, with one of the major children's stores and catalog retailers.

While we await it's debut, here's a boy's room mood board for your mild-mannered lil' superhero's secret identity- Nerd!  In this exploration of all that's Clark Kent, you get a sense of who he is outside of his faster than a speeding bullet celebrity.  He's down to earth, literally!  With only a few hints of super power this room can grow and evolve with him into his teen years.

Who's your favorite Nerd?

In researching superhero inspiration for a client's son's bedroom, I came across a lot of great stuff that's even better for adults.  So here's a little exploration into interior design for Batman / Bruce Wayne.  http://www.embellishmentskids.blogspot.com/2012/06/superhero-worship-decor-ideas-and.html

Uh-oh!  Your son is going to want a superhero room now that the blockbuster movies The Avengers, Batman and Spiderman hit the screen.  See how I come to the rescue with a Class-ified version of a Superhero room.  http://www.embellishmentskids.blogspot.com/2012/05/will-avengers-movie-leave-moms-in.html

Check out my line of Superhero art.
Superhero Room Design Ideas and decor for Kids Embel
Superhero decor and decorating idea for boy's rooms by Aaron Christensen
With a $300.00 gift card and 72 hours, the race is on to transform Lucas' room from tired explorer theme to a cool teen hangout.  


Kim Demmon from Today's Creative Blog talks about her son Lucas's room and the makeover experience.

DIY do it yourself chalkboard ideas, vintage jersey by Aaron Christensen includes chalkboard paint recipe.
Join me as I guest blog over on Oopsy Daisy's Blog with a fun DIY.  I'll take you through the steps to create your own vintage sports jersey chalkboard.  It can be proudly wear your favorite team colors or be personalized with you son's number and name.  Be sure to "like" my Facebook page for more DIY announcements and fun stuff from the world of Embellishments.

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